Alice Gebura

Artist Statement

swan lake My work starts with a photograph taken with either my Nikon DSLR or Hasselblad film camera. I experiment in the darkroom and with digital tools on the computer. I integrate photography with animation, printmaking, chemical pours and sound. For me the process must be tactile, sensory and gestural as a counterweight to the required technical and digital skills.

photo of Alice Gebura This alchemy produces, for example, experimental short films with surreal soundscapes such as Boarding House Second Floor. Captured stills and video of dancer/ choreographer Vie Boheme project mental illness through movement in a space that holds psychic remnants of the past.

The essence of my work is materializing invisible worlds: emotion, the subconscious, dreaming, and histories archived within the body. I am especially fascinated by the expressiveness of the human body and the subconscious conditions and stories that movement reveals.

I find that landscapes contain stories and ethereal worlds as well. I find them in the infinite patterns of moving water and wind or in the angle and intensity of light and shadow. The Land in Between is a photographic response to the landscapes of the Middle East where I felt profoundly the uncanny whispers of human antiquity. I use polymergravure and chine colle to build layers of texture to unearth cultural and historical geologies.

Bio and Resume